Rhode Island Festival to Premiere Canadian Filmmaker

Arthur's ParadiseRhode Island Festival to Premiere Canadian Filmmaker  
Film “Arthur’s Paradise” to have United States Premiere in Rhode Island

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island (RUSHPRNEWS) August 2, 2007 - ‘Arthur’s Paradise’ by award winning Canadian filmmaker Luc Beauchamp will have its U.S. Premiere at the 11th Annual Rhode Island International Film Festival on Thursday, August 9, 2007 at 2:00 PM

The film, “Arthur’s Paradise” was premiered at the Visions du Réel film festival and screening in Montreal where critics called it a documentary, a fiction, and some even called it a “UFO” movie. Academy Award-winning veteran filmmaker Frederique Back summed it up as, “…a tour de force of imagination and work.”

The 50 minute film uses music as its only dialogue and starts as a visual documentary of a farmer’s routine life on a pig farm in Quebec, completely in harmony with the music he plays of opera singer Victoria Rossellini on an old 33 record piped into the barn. But when the record disappears one morning, all that changes into a surrealistic fantasy as the pigs go on a hunger strike, chickens cluck out catastrophic warnings and the farmer frantically tries to restore harmony by playing other music including opera, a disco celebrity, and even an entire mariachi band chasing him around the barn. Order is finally restored to the farm by a visitation from the Virgin Mary.

The filmmaker, Luc Beauchamp previously directed ‘The Lion and the Lamb’ which was broadcast on The Sundance Channel in 1999 and won “Best Short Film” at the South By Southwest Festival ( SXSW ). ‘Arthur’s Paradise’ is the first film he has written, directed and produced. The film is independently distributed by Netima.

For RIIFF tickets, visit their website at http://www.film-festival.org, or contact them at 401.861.4445, the RIIFF office is at 268 Broadway, Providence, RI. 02903.

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