Renowned Canine Author and Activist Declares Fatwa against Michael Vick

Sarasota, FL (RPRN) 7/09/2009 Genevieve, founder and president of the canine activist group Dogs United against Discrimination and Unfairness (DUDU – “You’re either walking with DUDU or stepping in it”), today declared a fatwa against Michael Vick, the former NFL player convicted and jailed on animal cruelty charges stemming from a dog-fighting syndicate. Vick is now under home confinement until July 20, at which point he could resume his football career.

In a barktated press release, Genevieve stated, “To any team considering signing Michael Vick, please be aware that DUDU has placed a fatwa on him. This fatwa obliges any dog worldwide to hunch over and poop immediately upon seeing Mr. Vick on television. I shouldn’t have to draw you a picture of the messy situation you will create by having Mr. Vick play on your team, and of the huge negative impact it would have on your sport’s sponsors.”

This is not the first time DUDU has involved itself in sports. It recently headed a campaign to eliminate demeaning sports-team nicknames like “Timberwolves,” “Bulldogs,” “Huskies,” “Terriers,” and many more.

More canine complaints against humans can be found in Genevieve’s newest book, Small Dog, Big Life: Memoirs of a Furry Genius (Simon Spotlight Entertainment; May, 2009), which was translated from Doggerel into English by her assistant, Dr. Dennis Fried.

For more information, please visit Genevieve and Dr. Fried are available for interviews with all credible news organizations. Please contact them by phone (941-918-0411) or email (

Contact: Dr. Dennis Fried

(941) 918-0411

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