Rejecting McCain’s Gutter Politics

200,000 people contributed to Senator Barack Obama’s campaign in the last week
By David Plouffe

WASHINGTON, DC (RUSHPRNEWS) AUGUST 2, 2008–Remarkably over 100,00 people made contributions just yesterday alone-over a third of those are first time contributors.
John McCain as we see each and every day is going down a lower road, taking his campaign into the gutter and what you responded this week and yesterday was that you wanted a different kind of politics. That you are not going to allow these attacks from John McCain to dominate this campaign.

What John McCain has done in the last week is that he’s shown the American people that he does not want to talk about the economy, the foreign policy or health care. He’s going to increasingly take his campaign into the gutter. We are going to lift our campaign up and each and every one of you is allowing us to do that.

I think John McCain has harmed himself in the last week, really eroding any capital he had built up in terms of what kind of politician he is. But he’s really helped our campaign because so many of you now have contributed in the last week.

Our field offices across the country had people pouring into them yesterday. Because while John McCain may want to make this campaign about Paris Hilton and Britney Spears you want to make it about our future and the change we all need to make.

So yesterday you clearly showed the world and John McCain’s campaign that you are going to stand up to these negative attacks. It was a source of great inspiration for us to see how committed all of you are in the face of all of these negative attacks and it gives us great confidence that in the days and weeks to come we going to continue to build this campaign so that in all 50 states we are taking Barack’s message of change that we can believes in-to every voter in these states and creating a winning majority.

Not just to win an election but to bring about the kind of change next year that this country desperately needs.

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