Raiders vs. Chargers: The Not-So-Best of Football

By Judy Asman

Orange,Calif.(RUSHPRNEWS)09/30/2008—While Raider fans sit in wonder over the status of head coach Lane Kiffin, where the Oakland Raiders will be addressing the media today at 2 p.m., PT, sports blogger for Michael Leon Guerrero hints of optimism for the Raider organization, even in light of the team’s loss to the San Diego Chargers on Sunday, Sept. 28 in Oakland.

“Despite another 4th quarter meltdown, overall the team’s performance was encouraging,” Guerrero says. “The Raiders dominated the San Diego Chargers on both sides of the ball for the first half. The defense looked terrific, shutting down running back LaDainlian Tomlinson, and pressuring quarterback Phillip Rivers consistently.”

On the other side of the 50-yard line, contributing sports blogger to Rich Manning, representing the Charger fan-base, agrees to the underwhelming performance by the San Diego team but nonetheless expected a solid Charger comeback.

“I know that the Chargers played a horrible first half of football,” Manning says. “I was fully aware that their defense started out softer than a wedge of brie left in the middle of the Mojave. I understood that their halftime deficit could be much worse than 15 … Yet I suspected – in fact, I expected – the Chargers would find a way to come back and win the game.”

Coverage on both Kiffin’s firing and possibly the announcement of a new coach this afternoon will continue to appear on, known as “The Mag-Blog of Judy ‘the foodie.’”

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