R & B Singer Joe Admits Not Registered to Vote Assuming Obama Would Win

R & B Singer JoeNEW YORK(RUSHPRNEWS)10/01/2008–What’s it gonna take to get some people to register to vote? With America on the verge of possibly electing its first African American president, some African Americans still aren’t registered to vote.

Last week it was R&B singer Joe, who admitted to Tom Joyner that he is not registered to vote and apparently has never voted before in his life. He didn’t know when the election was scheduled to take place, how the voting process works, or where people go to vote. But it gets better. Joe said he thought he didn’t have to vote because he heard somewhere that Obama had it all wrapped up. Huh? Does he know something we don’t?

Under pressure from Joyner and the Tom Joyner Morning Show crew, Joe finally agreed to register to vote in his home state of New Jersey. But he never really explained why he had to be pressured into voting in this historic election.

Radio personality Truitt O’Neal has the audio from the interview and gives the breakdown on his site: “This morning I was concerned about a conversation between syndicated morning show host Tom Joyner and R&B singer Joe. During this morning’s broadcast, Tom Joyner asked Joe if he was registered to vote. The question seemed to stem from text messages that were being sent to the show. It was all down hill for Joe at that point. He seemed to be more concerned with rockin’ tracks from his brand new CD.”

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Source: The Daily Voice

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