Punch On The Lookout For Experienced PR Talent

LONDON, UK (RPRN) 7/31/2009–Boutique PR Company Punch Communications has announced that it will be searching for individuals with excellent PR knowledge and experience in the coming weeks. Constantly at the top of the PR profession, Punch is looking to bolster its team with a senior addition to the agency.

The growth of Punch Communications has been steady over the last few years, with a complete relocation and office move instigating the initial flurry of activity and expansion within the agency. Since the move to a small farm in Sutton Basset Punch has gone from strength to strength, providing clients with high quality public relations services that have continued to develop at a rapid pace.

Punch has become proficient in new PR techniques, as the digital world continues to grow along with the agency. With the rise in prominence of bloggers as media outlets and contacts, Punch has developed a vast range of contacts within the digital media scene, this providing the platform and basis for the companies extensive PR 2.0 activities.

As such, Punch is looking to recruit an experienced practitioner with a passion for more modern forms of public relations as well as an expertise in traditional aspects of the industry.

Managing Director of Punch Communications, Pete Goold, commented: “As our proficiency in new forms of PR such as search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media continues to drive our agency forward, we are now looking to add to our team an experienced individual who can offer the team a wealth of knowledge and contacts, as well as other characteristics that are important both to the company and PR as a whole.

“We would like to encourage any applicants who are interested in coming to work for our agency to get in touch regarding the opportunities that we have to offer. We are a progressive, forward thinking agency, with an undoubtedly exciting future.”

For more information regarding PR jobs, or to discover how Punch Communications can improve your PR, please call 01858 411 600, or visit punchcomms.com.

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