Priest Blesses Boxer Shorts For Wounded Vets

By Robert Paul Reyes for Newsblaze

 MICHIGAN (RUSHPRNEWS)JULY 20, 2008– Priests and ministers are known to bless houses, cars, pets and babies, but a church in Michigan is blessing boxer shorts for wounded veterans. “Members of the St. James United Church of Christ in Michigan plan to take 150 boxer shorts to the altar Sunday for a blessing. The shorts have been modified for wounded veterans who wear bulky prosthetics or braces on their legs.

About 15 women at St. James replaced the shorts’ side seams with a fabric fastener for easy access.”

Quotation from the Associated Press

The notion of blessing boxers is ludicrous, a blessing or a prayer isn’t going to strengthen the fabric, but I commend the members of St. James for doing something practical and ministering to the needs of wounded soldiers.

All too often Christians deal with the needs of the homeless, poor and other disadvantaged people by piously intoning: I’ll pray for them. Prayer that isn’t followed by concrete action is so much hot air.

On second thought maybe my boxers do need a blessing to protect me from STD’s.

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