Police To Question John Travolta Over Son’s Death

Police to investigate various claims that the Travoltas withheld their son’s medication

Ocala, Fla (RushPRNews) 01/08/09-John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston face certain claims that they withheld their son’s medication. The reason being the couple’s allegiance to Scientology. The couple as many other high profile celebrities(Tom Cruise, Mimi Rogers) follow the religion that spread certain messages. One of them being mental illness does not exist.

Another adjoined belief of Scientology is that even if mental illness exists, it can and should be resolved using “spiritual healing” rather than drugs.

Jett, John’s 16 year old son was believed to be autistic. But the Travoltas did not believe this. They denied the reports of their son’s mental illness. Instead John Travolta insisted that Jett suffered from the rare syndrome, Kawasaki disease.

The rare disease, as claimed by Jett’s parents, causes the inflammation of the vital organs and blood vessels. Jett’s frequent convulsions were not accepted by Travolta and Preston as a result of Jett’s mental condition. Jett died on Friday, 2nd January, after suffering a seizure at the family’s Bahamas hotel.

Church of Scientology International member Tommy Davis confirmed those practicing the religion would not seek conventional treatment for seizures. The couple’s lawyers although claim that Jett had taken strong anti-convulsion drug Depakote to combat his seizures. John and Kelly claim the drugs stopped working and began causing him health problems, including “harming his liver”.

One of the laywers revealed that Jett suffered seizures which were “like a death” every four days, but when he began taking the medication his fits reduced to once every three weeks. Kelly abided by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s writings. She put Jett on a special diet based on the writings which Kelly claims, improved her son’s health

source: celeb9.com

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