Paris Hilton Tired of the Limelight “It was nice to be away”

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by Jeffrey Jolson for Hollywood Today

Hollywood, CA (rushprnews) July 1st, 2007 -“I sat in crying in bed. It was very traumatic but God makes everything happen for a reason,” said Paris Hilton on her widely watched first interview after prison, on the Larry King show.

“Don’t serve the time, let the time serve you,” said the model/actress who said she had grown as a person in prison.

She actually noted “It was nice to be away” to be away from the flashing lights that have followed her “since I went to New York and became a model at 16.”

She said she will never drink and drive again, a lesson learned by her experience in jail. She said she had “Nightmares at night” and got a raw deal. But she said “I’m glad it happened. It changed my life forever.”

She added “I was treated like every inmate, no better or worse,” and had baloney sandwiches for lunch.

She said severe panic attacks and claustrophobia led to her controversial move to home confinement after several days in prison, which was suspended by a judge. “I was terrified, but if I had to be there, I just had to close my eyes, go to a special place.”

She also said she knew through the whole MTV Awards that she would “Be checking myself into jail that night. It was very surreal.”

“I feel like everything happened for a reason. It gave me time to figure out what I want to do,” she said.

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