Paris Hilton Released Home for Medical Reason

Paris Hilton's new jailParis Hilton Released Back Home for Medical Reason – Must Wear Electronic Bracelet

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Los Angeles, CA (rushprnews) June 7, 2007 – Due to an undisclosed medical conditions, Paris Hilton has been released from jail after serving five days of her twenty-eight day sentence. “She was not released, she was reassigned,” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. spokesperson Steve Whitmore said at a press conference Thursday.
County Sheriff denies favorable treatment due to her celebrity status but stated, “”It doesn’t matter how we look, really,” he said. “We just hopefully do our job and do it professionally, with a sense of humanity.” Hilton’s mansion includes a swimming pool, gym, two living rooms, even a cinema and more. A far cry from her 12 feet by 8 jail cell.

Paris Hilton will be required to wear an electronic ankle-bracelet at all times and her sentencing has been doubled in time to 45 days. If she transgress and leave her home, she will then be immediately taken back to jail with a bumped-up sentence of 90 days.

Citing privacy law, the medical condition was not disclosed, whether it is psychological or physical.


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