Paris Hilton Keeps Her Panties On With Her Friends at Miodestino

paris hiltonParis Hilton Protest Panties 
Paris Hilton Keeps Her Panties On With Her Friends at Miodestino

London, UK (rushprnews) May 28,2007- Mio Destino would like to offer your readers the opportunity to join in the debate over whether or not Paris should be jailed…with fashion! Mio Destino have created “Free Paris” designer silk undies for men, women and their Tinkerbell’s. 50% of all profits go to Ovarian Cancer Research.

Join the great debate – should Paris be jailed?

With poor little rich girl Paris Hilton facing the prospect of a stint in jail, now is the time to take sides for or against the naughtiest it -girl of them all…. and help the fight against ovarian cancer.

Lingerie experts have created a very special, limited edition collection of undies inspired by the great Paris debate.

Lovingly embroidered with either “Free Paris” or, oh dear, “Jail Paris”, the range includes sexy panties for the girls, stylish briefs for the boys and a cute doggie dress in recognition of the most important pet in Paris’s life. Please visit the MioBlog for further inormation

Mio Destino would like to offer your readers a opportunity to own a pair of limited edition women’s, men’s or doggie knickers. Free Shipping is available on all purchases until her looming incarceration date of June 5th. 50% of all profits to be donated to Ovarian Cancer Research. For more information, please see the attached press release or contact us directly.

Colleen MurphyMio Destino  PO Box 8496, Leicester, LE21 3BG, UK 0 11 44 (0)845 840 0025


Guys – demonstrate for or against with these jailbird themed stripe briefs – a great, snug, fit, edged with the “free Paris” / “Jail Paris” logo at just £25.00
We all know how much Paris adores her little doggie – now Tinkerbell can protest on behalf of her mistress with this cute doggie dress £35.00,or yap at rival pets wear the dreaded “Jail Paris” frock.

In appropriate jailbird stripes, each piece is available for a short time only – log on quickly to get hold of a pair and wear them on June 5th – the day poor Paris is due to be put away….
50% of the profits from each sale will go to support the fight against ovarian cancer – donations will be made to Ovarian Cancer Action*, funding essential research, raising awareness and giving a voice to those affected by this disease.

All pieces are designed by De Montfort Fashion Contour Graduate Clare McGowan, and are available exclusively from fabulous lingerie website .

For further information, J peg images or samples please contact
Colleen Murphy
Mio Destino Ltd
T: 0845 840 0025
M: 07780 680 384

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