One Million Dollars Tweets For Charity

New Website Aims to Make Twitter History — and $1 Million

NOVATO, CA (RushPRnews) 03/11/09– – Twitter is one of the fastest-growing websites on the internet. Major companies are using it. News networks are using it. Celebrities are using it. Politicians are using it.

All told, Twitter members have sent over 1 billion short messages — or tweets — that have no more than 140 characters.

A new website,, aims to make Twitter history by sending 1 million tweets on behalf of individuals and businesses through a single Twitter account.
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Tweets sent through the 1 Million Tweets website at cost $1 each. Tweets can advertise a business, promote a website or simply convey a personal message.

If it reaches the 1 million tweet mark, 1 Million Tweets will have created the first twillion-dollar Twitter account.

A portion of the proceeds generated by 1 Million Tweets will be donated to The Bridges Foundation (TBF), a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation. Founded in 1987, TBF focuses on providing grants to small, local non-profits. It has given nearly $1 million in grants since 1996.

Each 1 Million Tweets customer can specify the type of non-profit he or she would like his tweet to benefit and TBF will allocate its grants accordingly.

New Chapter Press (NCP), a New York-based book publishing company founded in 1987, has agreed to publish a book containing all 1 million tweets if and when that milestone is reached.

“We loved 1 Million Tweets the minute we heard the concept,” NCP managing director Randy Walker stated. “New media is changing publishing and we’re excited about the possibility of publishing in book form 1 million messages that were originally posted online by people from around the world.”

1 Million Tweets was created by Blair Cummins, an internet entrepreneur and consultant whose company, SportsMates, Inc., runs an online social network and Anna Kournikova’s official website.

“Twitter is an interesting social media platform that I’ve wanted to work with and 1 Million Tweets is a way for me to experiment with it,” he said. “If it can make a little bit of history and help a good cause in the process, all the better.”

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