Ode to Romy by Alain Delon and Movie about Abortion Close Cannes Festival

Romy Schneider and Alain DelonOde to Romy Schneider by Alain Delon and Movie about Abortion Close Cannes Festival  

Cannes,France, (rushprnews) May 28,2007 -The 60th Cannes Film Festival ended on Sunday, May 27 with all the expected glamour from the fashionably dressed stars smilng at the cameras.  Alain Delon as the presenter for Best Female Actress gave a touching ode to women with a requested applause dedicated to Romy Schneider in remembrance of the anniversary of her death May 29, 1982. This moment  brought tears to more than one in the audience.

PALME D’OR – “4 Months, 3 weeks and 2 days” (directed by Romanian Cristian Mungiu), film gives a bleak look at abortion under the CeauÅŸescu’s regime.

“This kind of attention that we got here all around the festival, this story in which we believe so much is going to reach lots of people now and I also hope that this award that I am getting tonight is going to be good news for small film makers from small countries because it looks like you don’t necessarily need a big budget and a lot of stars.”
GRAND PRIX (Runner-up prize)

– “The Mourning Forest” (directed by Japan’s Naomi Kawase)

SPECIAL PRIZE (to mark 60th Cannes Film Festival)- Gus Van Sant (U.S. director of “Paranoid Park”)

BEST DIRECTOR– Julian Schnabel (U.S. director of French-language film “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”)

– Konstantin Lavronenko (in Russian film “The Banishment”, directed by Andrei Zvyagintsev)


– Jeon Do-yeon (for South Korean competition entry “Secret Sunshine”)


– Fatih Akin (German-Turkish director of “The Edge of Heaven”)

“I have one message for Turkey, because they vote (in a general election) on July 22. All is one, united we stand, divided we fall.”

CAMERA D’OR (Golden Camera for first film)

– “Jellyfish” (Israeli production directed by Etgar Keret and Shira Geffen)

Keret (wearing a tuxedo and bow tie): “Everything here is so far from our lives. I haven’t worn a suit since my Bar Mitzvah.”

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