Obama Camp Launches Republicans for Obama Website

“For the first time in a long time, we have the chance to build a new majority of not just Democrats, but Independents and Republicans who’ve lost faith in their Washington leaders but want to believe again – who desperately want something new.” –  Barack Obama

Chicago, Il (RUSHPRNEWS) AUGUST 15, 2008–Earlier today the Obama campaign launched the official Republicans for Obama homepage. This site will serve as a place for Republicans to communicate with one another and organize methods of educating fellow Republicans about Barack’s plans to move this country forward by bringing together all Americans, regardless of party affiliation.

Democrats aren’t the only ones who want a new direction for America. In the past eight years, Washington Republicans have abandoned their commitments to fiscal discipline, effective government, and responsible foreign policy. Republicans across the country are just as eager as Democrats and Independents to see the country move in a new direction.

In addition to connecting with other Republican and former Republican Obama supporters, you can learn more about where Barack stands on issues like the economy, trade, foreign policy, and Iraq. You can also read about the key policy differences between Barack and John McCain.

Obama has a strong record of bringing people together from the left and the right to solve problems, leading with superior judgment on foreign policy issues and demonstrating fiscal responsibility. In the Illinois Senate, he worked with Republicans on death penalty reform, ethics reform, passing a new tax credit for working families, and expanding health care for kids. In the U.S. Senate, he worked with Republicans to make sure our veterans get the care they deserve and to increase our investment in alternative energy.

In coordination with the unveiling of the Republicans for Obama webpage, several prominent Republicans announced their support of Barack ealier in the week, including former Iowa Republican Congressman Jim Leach, former Rhode Island Republican Senator Lincoln Chaffee, and prominent lawyer and former White House intelligence advisor Rita E. Hauser.

Congressman Leach offered his reasons for supporting Barack:

This is not a time for politics as usual. The portfolio of issues passed on to the next president is as daunting as any since WWII. The case for inspiring new political leadership and the social ethic has seldom been more evident. Barack Obama’s platform is a call for change, but the change that he is articulating is more renewal than departure. … It is rooted in very old American values that are very much part of the Republican as well as the Democratic tradition.

… The national interest requires a new approach to our interaction with the world — including the recognition that a long-term occupation of Iraq is likely dangerously destabilizing.



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