Obama/Biden: The dream ticket or just a bad dream?

obama campaigningby David M. Huntwork

CHICAGO, IL (RUSHPRNEWS) AUGUST 26, 2008–Delaware Senator Joe Biden is now the official vice presidential pick for presidential hopeful Barrack Obama. While thousands of Democratic activists and “insider wannabes” were still waiting for that exciting “I’ll get to know first” text message the news was leaked late Friday night with the official announcement coming on Saturday morning.

So what have we learned from this pick?

*John McCain is a lucky man.

*The Obama camp was less worried about a creative electoral vote choice, or one based on gender to solidify the white women vote than they were about their nominee looking amateurish and unprepared when it came to national security and foreign affairs. That is very telling.

*That Obama’s dream of cleaning up Washington and throwing out all the bums begins with recruiting as his veep an entrenched, career Washington politician whose son is a lobbyist. . Hmmmm…all talk and no walk. So much for ‘change’.

*Delaware in now firmly in the blue state category.

*Hillary will probably start her bitter “I told you so” Superdelegate tour sometime tomorrow.

*This move leaves the door open for McCain to choose from a wide variety of options for his vice presidential choice. There are a number of electoral-based candidates that are now even more attractive (Tom Ridge or the governor of Michigan for example) and it leaves the door open for a good woman veep that would help cancel out the minority novelty factor of Obama and provide an added appeal to more moderate soccer mom types and rejected Hillary supporters that may be the deciding factor in this tightening race.

*Obama’s own running mate is on record stating that Obama is not ready to serve as president (not once, but twice. The latest in August of 2007).

*Biden is an endless gaffe machine and will provide endless questionable and controversial soundbites before it is all said and done.

*Apparently this quote about Obama really paid off in the end. “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” – Joe Biden

*It confirmed what I’ve been saying all along. There was no frickin’ way this was going to be Hillary. Obama is the first to slay a Clinton in a long time and there was no way he was going to let one back into the white house.

*Releasing this at about 1 am Eastern Standard Time was really, really, odd.

*It will be only a matter of days before someone comes up with some inventive Obama bin Biden bumper sticker.

*This was a ‘safe pick’ showing little risk or creative ingenuity in the search and selection of the Democratic vice presidential candidate. In the end and despite the hype, this probably won’t matter too much anyway one way or another. This selection will alienate as many voters as it may have brought with it. Biden is a arrogant windbag that will probably only be used as an attack dog between now and November.

*Remember when Dole picked Kemp? Obama isn’t learning from history. Biden brings virtually nothing to the ticket besides not being a huge negative.

*The media is now officially a pathetic, childlike entity who would gush and blush if Obama picked Hamburglar as his running mate. Have they no shame?

*Some are still hoping that there is still a possibility that this is some sort of trial balloon or sinister plot by Hillary to take out the prince before he would become king. They are wrong.

*Mark Levin is not Joe Biden’s friend. He refers to Biden as “the stupidist man in the United States Senate”. I can safely foretell that there will be no slumber party sleepovers in the Lincoln bedroom for Mr. Levin in the event of an Obama victory.

*Rumor has it that MSNBC had Olbermann on the phone, in his jammies, saying that the timing was perfect and that the convention will start with a big exciting explosion. Good grief.

A look at things to come:

I really hope it’s Biden. You don’t want to say that too loud, but I really do hope that it’s Joe Biden, because we’ve got mountains of archival audio on Joe Biden. Plus, the arrogance factor times two. Biden and the Messiah would just be delicious.
– Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday the 20th.
Lastly, I leave you with some wise words from the newly picked Democratic vice presidential candidate.

“Obama isn’t ready to be President and the job is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training.”
-Joe Biden
“The only guy on the other side who’s qualified is John McCain.”
– Joe Biden
The next month should be very interesting for the political junkie as the Democratic National Convention starts on Monday, followed closely by McCain’s vp pick and then the Republican National Convention begins on September 1st.


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