Obama, McCain It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

photo credit 961wsox.comObama,McCain to travel across the country until election day

Washington,DC(RushPRnews/VOA)10/31/08-Republican presidential candidate John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama are fighting for undecided voters in the American heartland Friday, four days before voters elect a new president.

Senator McCain today is spending a second day in Ohio, where his events include a rally with Republican California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. No Republican has ever won the White House without winning Ohio. But an average of the latest opinion polls (compiled by RealClearPolitics.com) shows Obama is ahead there by nearly six percentage points.

Senator Obama campaigns in Iowa and Indiana today. Indiana has been a reliably Republican state in previous elections, but the candidates face a tough race there. Iowa shifted its support between Republicans and Democrats in the last two presidential elections. The latest surveys there show Obama ahead by a significant margin.

The presidential race is decided by a state-by-state tally of electoral votes. In order to win, a candidate must get at least 270 electoral votes – out of a possible 538.

Obama continues to hold a significant lead over McCain nationwide by an average of six percentage points.

A survey by The New York Times and CBS News shows Obama with a double-digit lead over McCain, 51 percent to 40 percent. The newspaper says McCain’s chances are being hurt by his vice presidential running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. The poll says 59 percent of all those surveyed said Palin is not prepared to become vice president.

In comparison, nearly three-quarters of the voters said Delaware Senator Joseph Biden, Obama’s running mate, is qualified to be vice-president.

Source: Voice of American

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