Obama Looks Back To The Future

Obama: The World Awaits You By Mathias Victorien Ntep for Black Star News

The U.S. electorate is bringing to fruition the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King—-that human beings will be judged not by their skin color but by the content of their character.  Here in Europe many people are still reeling from the unprecedented major story that is unfolding from the hub of the world; the world in miniature, the U.S.  The Democrats have chosen an African-American as their presumptive presidential nominee. Senator Hillary Clinton, the formidable lady, has suspended her bid for the Highest Office of “God’s own country” and endorsed the Democratic flag-bearer from the Prairie State so that Barack Obama is now in a position to usher the most powerful country in this world into the 21st century.

The brilliant John Edwards had already endorsed Senator Obama.  

Barack Hussein Obama is the optimal candidate not only for all sections and portions of the U.S. electorate, but also for many people and leaders around the globe. His first name “Barack” means “Blessed” in Hebrew and in Arabic. He may be the condign bridge between Israelis and Arabs.

His willingness to confabulate with recalcitrant countries not always ready to abide by the dos and don’ts of international relations tallies with the diplomatic rule according to which whenever there’s a stalemate in a situation, negotiations should be initiated in order to break the deadlock, and sterner measures should be taken only if the partner doggedly jibs at the voice and the way of mother wit.

The first, middle and last names Barack Hussein Obama make up a precious asset for the U.S. foreign policy.

In this new millennium and in our global age and world, a diplomat can’t do without inspiring trust and reliability. Most Iranians may hold other religious views, yet it’s momentous to candidly respect them because they are human beings and as such spitting images of God Almighty, just as any other human. To respect fellow humans also means to be ready to listen to them if they want to put forward their arguments so as to sort out a problem.

On another score or respect, most evangelical Christians, if not all, would probably vote for the candidate of the Democratic Party once they have twigged that there are sincere, evangelical, reliable, real and Bible-rooted Christians who bear exotic names such as Hussein or Youssef.

In contrast, there are scores of nominal Christians with “less exotic” names who flout and trample the name of the Lord underfoot on a daily basis, and would wage wars in order to kill other people and shed the blood of their own compatriots. 

Even the Lord Jesus teaches that the fruits yielded by a tree reveal the nature of that tree; likewise, real Christians judge folks according to their thoughts, utterances and deeds, and not by their names or complexion. The Lord Jesus teaches that not all those who call Him “Lord, Lord…” will be saved and go to Heaven, but only those who do the will of God Almighty.

Now then, many people across the globe know that Barack Obama is a Christian. Those who are malevolently peddling the malicious falsehood that he isn’t a Christian are committing calumny – which is an offence judicially punishable in most, if not in all, countries of our global world-village; at the same time, they are committing a sin, which proves that they aren’t believers at all and that they are morally bankrupt and unreliable.

Opponents to Senator Obama may harp on the hackneyed and flimsy factoid that he doesn’t have sufficient experience in foreign policy. They however seem to be tight-lipped on the truth that the mainstay of any policy, undertaking or action is mother wit or good judgment. A commander-in-chief should inspire confidence and trust to foreign partners, counterparts and negotiators. Furthermore, he ought to have good, insightful, wise and wary advisers and colleagues.

Senator Obama’s got good sense or good judgment; he inspires trust to most foreign leaders and he has Governor Bill Richardson, among others, on tap.

If Iranians get the opportunity to talk face to face with a U.S. leader they can trust – because he can listen to them – they will willingly hark to him, probably forsake their defiant rhetoric against Israel, and accept that the IAEA – The International Atomic Energy Agency – should monitor their nuclear program and facilities on a permanent basis, because the Christian Obama may tell them: “Behold, don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you.”

Well now, it’s certain that Iranians don’t want to be nuked, so they will most assuredly close with reasonable and sensible beings on the principle that Israel’s got the right to live in peace in the Middle East.

Black Star News writer Mathias Victorien Ntep is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Frankfurt/Main. He holds a Postgraduate and Higher Degree in journalism and mass communications from the University of Mainz, Germany; a Master’s degree of Arts in German studies, Philosophy and Romance studies from the University of Frankfurt, Germany; a Bachelor’s degree of Arts in German studies, Linguistics, and General and Comparative Literature from the University of Yaounde I, Cameroon.

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