Controversial Video offends both Republicans and Obama fans

Ritchie Valen's La BambaAguascalientes, Mexico (RUSHPRNEWS) 06/30/2008 -It had to happen. The title of Ritchie Valens’ 1958 hit ‘La Bamba’, based on a 300 year old Mexican folk song, is tailor-made for a satirical song about ‘Obama’. At least five such songs are floating around cyberspace. But the latest one, ‘Obama La Bamba’, by Noli Fernandez, has both Republicans and Democrats irritated.

Found at, the song starts innocently enough, by replacing the traditional line ‘Para bailar La Bamba’ with ‘Bara- Barack Obama’.

It makes some not so subtle contrasts between Obama’s record and McCain’s. But the line ‘He’s a Campeon! he beat up on Hilario!’ was apparently not written by someone who is impressed by the recent love-fest between former rivals Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Then Obama’s current opponent comes in for some digs, starting with the less than respectful line “His mujer makes beaucoup dinero by selling cerveza”, a reference to Cindy McCain’s beer distribution fortune.

The video was ramped down from an earlier version on Youtube,

The video’s creators, the Blue Rose Arts Collective, won’t say whether they will tamp down their criticisms of the candidates in future re-editings.

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