Obama Campaign Hires New Disability Vote Director

Chicago, IL(RUSHPRNEWS)July 23, 2008– in Chicago, has been appointed as the Obama campaign’s Disability Vote Director, effective July 14, 2008. Dale, partially blind, will help broaden the campaign’s reach and involve even more voices in this coalition for change.

In his role as Disability Vote Director, Dale will be responsible for all disability outreach efforts for the campaign, including attending national conferences, coordinating grassroots efforts, speaking at events as a surrogate for the campaign, and ensuring that campaign locations are accessible for all Americans with disabilities.

“Throughout this campaign, Barack Obama has insisted that we can change our politics and involve new voters in the process if we focus on our common hopes as Americans,” Campaign Manager David Plouffe said. “Kareem Dale shares Barack Obama’s fundamental commitment to building a world free of unnecessary barriers, stereotypes, and discrimination, and we’re excited he’s a part of this campaign.”

Fifty-four million Americans – roughly 1 in 6 – personally experience some form of disability. Senator Obama is committed to empowering people with disabilities so that they can fulfill the American dream and take full advantage of their talents and become independent, integrated members of society. “I look forward to encouraging all Americans with disabilities to support a candidate who is going to bring real change to their lives,” Dale said.

Prior to his appointment as Disability Vote Director, Dale also served as a volunteer on the Disability Policy and the Arts Policy Committees for the Obama For America campaign.

Dale is a native Chicagoan and received his bachelor’s degree in Advertising from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He graduated Cum Laude with a law degree and an MBA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in May, 1999.


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