NY Giants using Comedy as Training Strategy

NY Giants using Comedy as Training Strategy

NEW YORK (RUSHPRNEWS) 06/14/2008 – Superbowl XLII Champions, the New York Giants were quietly trying something new with training at their mandatory mini-camp on Thursday. It turns out that the secret training exercise was laughter, courtesy of the Times Square Comedy Club. With a news media blackout in place, a private stand up comedy show took place for about two hours on Thursday evening at the Giants’ camp.

John Velasco, Chairman of Management at Times Square Arts Center admitted in an interview later that, “It’s been reported over and over in studies at Stanford, UC and others that laughter reduces levels of stress hormones and can lead to superior performance. Personally, I feel that laughter provides team bonding, and better spirits as they train for a new season. We were only too happy to help.”

University of Maryland Medical Center’s Dr. Michael Miller has findings that seem to concur. Those findings suggest that laughter decreases blood pressure, increases muscle flexion and improves overall performance of the heart's muscular functions.

The Giants’ camp is closed to outsiders. Comics allowed in to provide the special “laugh” training by performing include James Goff, Bobby Johnson, Ryan Reiss, Vince August and Mike Britt.

Giants’ management had no official comment, but a bystander noted that, “perhaps the Giants’ secret weapon this year for bonding together a winning team and managing stress for players and management alike will be some real good laughs . . . all the way to the next Superbowl.”

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