No Voters Left Behind Article Exposes RNC’s Tactics to Block Votes


By Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

New York(RushPRnews)10/23/ (NVLB) founder Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is the co-author of a major article in the new issue of Rolling Stone detailing the underhanded tactics that Republicans are now using to deny the right to vote to tens of thousands of Americans.

Cited as a major resource in the article, is now accepting donations and volunteers to fight back against the GOP campaign to steal the 2008 election. Titled “Block the Vote,” the Rolling Stone story (issue 1064) is available online. As the article notes: “Contributing editor Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is one of the nation’s leading voting-rights advocates. His article ‘Was the 2004 Election Stolen?’ sparked widespread scrutiny of vote tampering. Greg Palast, who broke the story on Florida’s illegal voter purges in the 2000 election, is the author of ‘The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.’ For more information, visit No Voter Left Behind and Steal Back Your Vote.” …

10.15.08 — KENNEDY TOWNSEND: ACORN SMEAR HIDES MASSIVE GOP VOTE SUPPRESSION PUSH — The ongoing Republican attack on the lawful voter registration efforts of ACORN is a “desperate smokescreen maneuver” masking an extensive coast-to-coast GOP push to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters through a wide range of vote suppression tactics, according to Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, former lieutenant governor of the state of Maryland.

Urging concerned Americans to get involved through, Kennedy Townsend said: “The attack on the voter registration efforts of ACORN may go down in the record books as the ultimate case of the ‘dirty’ pot calling the ‘clean’ kettle black. ACORN is being savaged for doing its duty to openly self-report all cases where there may be any kind of issue with specific voter registration forms. By contrast, the GOP is skulking around out of the public eye across the nation in a sub rosa attempt to use a host of outrageous and desperate vote suppression tactics to steal the election. For every potentially problematic ACORN voter registration form that will never result in anyone casting an illegitimate vote, there are literally hundreds of voters who the GOP will go to any lengths to keep out of the voting booth. This attack on ACORN is a sad and deeply cynical tactic coming from a party that seems to have concluded that they can’t win the election on their own, so they have to prevent the other side from voting.” Make sure to check out the full news release from Kennedy Townsend! …

10.08.08 — DEMOCRATS ASK STATE OFFICIALS TO BLOCK GOP VOTE CAGING STRATEGY — Three leading former elected officials from Maryland, Illinois and Oregon today called on every state attorney general and every state election head to come out publicly against any “lose your home, lose your vote” strategy that might be used by Republicans to keep home foreclosure victims from exercising their right to vote. Organized by (NVLB), the outreach effort is being undertaken by: Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, former lieutenant governor of the state of Maryland; Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun, former U.S. Senator from the state of Illinois and a 2004 presidential candidate; and Barbara Roberts, former governor of Oregon and also a onetime Oregon Secretary of State … You can read the full news release – including four tips for homeowners undergoing foreclosure –

09.17.08 — “LOSE YOUR HOME, LOSE YOUR VOTE” — (NVLB) isn’t buying the claims that Republican have abandoned plans to engage in a “lose your home, lose your vote” campaign to deny the vote to the predominantly African-American, Latino and low-income whites who are undergoing the pain of home foreclosure. As a result, is urging the 2.2 million Americans in the grips of the mortgage foreclosure crisis to know their rights before Election Day. Former Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Donald L. Fowler, a member of the board of advisors, said: “You don’t lose your right to vote when you lose your home.” Read more – including four tips for homeowners undergoing foreclosure – here …

09.12.08 — MAKING A DIFFERENCE! — Things have been crazy since we launched two weeks ago. We’ve been covered by Newsweek on the Air and OMBWatch. And we’ve been picked up by Democratic Underground and dozens of bloggers/social networkers! You can hear us on the air at Digital Video Radio and WILS in Lansing Michigan. Check back here next week for more news! …

08.29.08 — WWW.NOVOTERLEFTBEHIND.NET LAUNCHED! — Thousands of Democrats across the United States are receiving letters from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., urging them to support a major new effort at to raise the funds that will be needed to challenge Republican efforts to steal the 2008 election. is a project of Democrats for Americans Future (DAF)

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