New Dianetics Book Site Launched By The Church of Scientology

Los Angeles, CA (RUSHPRNEWS) June 17, 2008 — In celebration of the 58th anniversary of the release of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, the Church of Scientology has now launched a new and interactive portal at for access to testimonials, videos, excerpts, home extension courses, and all information regarding Dianetics.

The launch is also supported by a national television advertising campaign. By doing so, the Church of Scientology is able to provide expansive and enlightening information to those who have questions about Dianetics.What is Dianetics ( culmination of decades of research, L. Ron Hubbard's "Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health" was released on May 9, 1950.

The Dianetics book was an immediate best seller, hitting the NY Times Best Seller List where it remained for 26 consecutive weeks. It sparked a movement which today spans the globe. Further, the principals and techniques of Dianetics laid the groundwork for the Scientology religion. Dianetics Definition ( brought forth new discoveries in the field of the mind, revealing the hidden source of man's fears, upsets and insecurities–the reactive mind.

Most importantly, the Dianetics book contains a means that any person can use to free himself of the negative effects of the reactive mind. Dianetics provides an introduction to the spiritual beliefs that one can derive from Dianetics.

This new web site at contains over 50 newly produced Dianetics videos and included therein is an introduction to Dianetics principals, personal video testimonials and stories from those who have used Dianetics to better their lives, answers to frequently asked questions including, What is Dianetics?, a form and telephone number to help one find Dianetics Auditing ( in their area, and up-to-date news of Dianetics' rapidly growing worldwide popularity. There is also a selection of excerpts from the Dianetics audio book edition. includes an interactive online bookstore featuring four titles on the subject of Dianetics. Visitors can read multiple excerpts from L. Ron Hubbard works, listen to audio excerpts, and purchase Dianetics books and/or the home study extension course.

They can also request a free Dianetics excerpt, a never before available, 80-page sampler from the book "Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health", or order one of the titles and discover for themselves how they can use Dianetics to improve their lives.

The Church of Scientology encourages anyone looking for effective answers for themselves or to assist a friend or loved one, to visit the new web site at

The Church has always considered the Internet a vital resource for providing accurate information and answering frequently asked questions. The Dianetics website is the latest step in the Church's commitment to share information with the public.

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