New Details In Alicia Keys/Swizz Beats Love Triangle Rumor, Talk Of Tour Trouble

alicia keysLOS ANGELES (RUSHPRNEWS)JULY 30,2008–As previously reported by Yo! Raps, the rumor mill has been swirling with reports of Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz being romantically linked. Word on the street is that their alleged relationship is the reason for Swizz’s split from his wife, R&B newcomer Mashonda.

Now, is reporting a close friend of Mashonda has recently come forward with new shocking details of the alleged affair.

“Mashonda has heard and seen a couple of things to make her feel like [Alicia Keys is carrying on an affair with her husband],” the friend reportedly said. “She always believed the rumors that Alicia Keys was gay so it didn’t seem real to her. However unbeknownst to media and press, Mashonda did reach out to Alicia on Swizz’s blackberry in response to a suggestive and totally inappropriate email Alicia Keys sent him.”

“She very calmly, and maturely made Alicia Keys aware that they are married. Of course Alicia never responded to Mashonda. It’s like she’s ignoring the fact that Swizz has a family.”

“What’s even worse, is that Mashonda was a fan of Alicia’s and her music and really, as many MTO readers hated to believe that a revered artist as Alicia Keys would be the cause or attributer to another broken family, especially a family where there is a young black man being raised,” the friend added. “There’s no doubt that Alicia knows EXACTLY who Mashonda is having been introduced as his wife a few years back, not to mention both were signed to the same label, J Records.”

According to reports the alleged friend then went on to attack Alicia’s public image saying, “Alicia sings about ‘Karma,’ and being a ‘Superwoman,’ but wouldn’t gallivanting around the globe with a married man go against all that.”

“Alicia is a home wrecker who has truly wrecked a very intact black home, destroyed a family for no reason but her own personal satisfaction, contributed to another young black man growing up through a broken home, as well as seeing the disrespect one black woman has for another,” she concluded.

According to reports, the Swizz/Keys mash up is also causing problems for Alicia’s “As I Am” tour as a reported member of her tour crew has told the urban gossip site that people are ready to quit the tour over it.

“Swizz Beatz not only showed up in Italy with Alicia Keys, he tagged along to Monaco as well. I’m [a member of the tour], and to see this sickens me,” the source reportedly said. “I have a [female family member] who just went through a divorce due to another woman plotting on her husband and going to no end to end their marriage.”

“She’s now single with 2 kids and he’s living a great life with this new woman. As a woman, Alicia Keys has no regard for another sister. I’ve witnessed her for the past week almost acting as if this is HER man, meanwhile he’s got a family at home that mediatakeout readers dog on a daily basis.”

“Its just very classless, and tasteless,” the statement concluded.

At press time, neither Swizz nor Alicia had publicly commented on their alleged relationship or the validity of this rumor.


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