New Authors Sought by Anomalos Publishing House

ANOMALOS PUBLISHING HOUSENew Authors Sought by Anomalos Publishing House

June 13, 2007(rushprnews)– With the recent launch of Anomalos Publishing House–a full-service publisher that seeks to partner with unknown writers (which is extremely rare within traditional book publishing)–some of the nation’s hottest authors are lining up to have their books imprinted “Anomalos.”

Anomalos Publishing, LLC is the brainchild of Thomas Horn, the company’s CEO. Horn became aware more than a decade ago of a gap in the publishing trade that allows great but unknown authors to fall through the cracks and never be discovered.

As Horn accounts from personal experience, “In the mid-1990’s I decided to do something I had put off for many years. I wanted to write a book based on mysteries I had encountered during my twenty-five years of pastoring. But because I was unknown, I couldn’t get a publisher to take the financial risk. Eventually I decided to partner with a publisher, which, looking back, was the best decision I ever made. Three best-selling books and a news career later, I make my living writing. There are a vast number of undiscovered authors out there who could do the same thing. We would like to partner with them to see through their publishing goals.”

Such an idea–to partner with new authors–is practically unheard of these days, unless one includes print on demand and vanity publishers, a form of “self-publishing” viewed by mainstream distributors as a dead-end road.

According to Horn, “The problems for new authors have only gotten worse since mega-retailers like Costco and Walmart began carrying the A-list authors’ books at big discounts. Many local store owners, where lesser known authors are typically discovered, simply cannot compete with these Titans. As a result of the downturn for mom-and-pop shops, more and more publishers are focusing on A-list authors exclusively, while viewing investment in promising but unknown writers as too risky.”

Not only has this affected the number of new authors being published, but this has also impacted the budget for publicity and marketing of those who do get published. As Horn points out, “most unpublished writers assume that publishers will take care of all their PR needs. The truth is, currently very few authors, even well-known and best-selling ones, receive high priority when it comes to promotion.”

Just how important is promotion to a book’s success? Lynn Marzulli, the best-selling author of the Nephilim Triology (Zondervan) believes, “Writing your first book and getting published are exciting experiences; however, promotion of your printed book is more important than any other aspect of the book-writing/publishing process. Promotion is imperative because this is a competitive business, driven by hard-nosed, intelligent people who can be ruthless at maximizing the dollar. If they’re not working with you to get your book promoted, it is easy to get buried in the shuffle no matter how good your book is.”

The strong publicity and marketing programs at Anomalos Publishing convinced Marzulli to switch publishers and go with Anomalos for his next book: a non-fiction take on the end times called Politics, Prophecy, and the Supernatural.

Patrick Heron is another best-selling author who chose for his new book Apocalypse Soon, to go with Anomalos Publishing. He is the author of last year’s Pyramid of the Apocalypse, which rocketed up the best sellers list in 2005-2006. His new book hit #1 Google News search the same week it was released by Anomalos Publishing and is already the subject of two films by Grizzly Adams Productions.

George Archibald, four-time Pulitzer Prize nominee as senior investigative reporter for The Washington Times, has consigned his forthcoming book, Journalism Is War , with Anomalos.

“The book is stories behind the stories, naming sources and behind-scenes accounts of the hottest political and cultural stories of the 1990s through the 2006 political elections,” Archibald said. “I got blown off by big Manhattan publishing houses for various reasons, but Anomalos came forth with a good editing and marketing-promotion team, and we’re going to rock-‘n-roll in producing and selling a book that will make waves when it comes out.”

There are other well-known authors turning to Anomalos, such as Terry James, whose current book The Rapture Dialogues is endorsed by the likes of Dr. Tim LaHaye and Dr. Chuck Missler, but the publishing venture is keeping its eye out for great but undiscovered talent too. According to Horn, “We are finishing up a project right now with an author who has written a phenomenal piece of fiction that will blow the lid off the creationism/intelligent design vs evolution debate. The book is a fantasy novel called Logic’s End by newcomer Keith Robinson. It is filled with the kind of well-written, fresh, and creative work we are looking for . . . and from a terrific author whom people haven’t even heard about–yet!

“Another of our upcoming books is by Thomas A. Glessner, President of the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA), a legal organization that provides legal help and consultation to over 1,000 pro-life pregnancy help centers as members in all fifty states,” Horn said. “His book is titled Destiny’s Team and involves deep spiritual issues discussed within the context of professional football. Both men and women are going to love this book. It is endorsed by the likes of Jonathan Flora, writer/director of A Distant Thunder, Sydna Masse, President and founder of Ramah International, actress Jennifer O’Neil, former Seattle Seahawk Ken Hutcherson and others. His exciting novel will be on store shelves this August.”

Anomalos is seeking submissions from authors of a wide variety of books. Categories include: Mystery, Conspiracy, Politics, Science, Discovery, History, Religious, Inspiration, Fiction and Non-fiction. For any author who has written a well-crafted manuscript, Anomalos would be delighted to bring his or her publishing desires to fruition.

To learn more about Anomalos Publishing House’s partnering program, visit their website at:

Contact: Thomas Horn, Anomalos Publishing House, 503-695-5787,


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