NATO Foreign Ministers to Discuss Key Political Issues


NATO Leaders to Meet at Headquarters in Brussels on 2-3 December

Brussels, Belgium (RushPRnews)12/01/08-Foreign Ministers from NATO and Partner nations will meet at NATO Headquarters in Brussels on 2-3 December to review developments in Alliance operations, as well as to address key political issues on NATO’s agenda.

The meetings will start with a Working Lunch of the Mediterranean Dialogue including Invitees Albania and Croatia. Ministers are expected to review progress and focus on deepening political and practical co-operation in the framework of the Mediterranean Dialogue partnership.

The lunch will be followed by a session of the North Atlantic Council with Invitees, where Ministers will make a first assessment of the progress made in the framework of intensive engagement with Ukraine and Georgia. They will also discuss relations with Russia.

On the second day of their meeting, the 26 Allied Foreign Ministers with Invitees will concentrate on operations, especially the Alliance’s engagement in Afghanistan. The session will provide a good opportunity to assess the evolving situation in Afghanistan and review progress in implementing the comprehensive strategic political-military plan, as well as to discuss potential support to the upcoming elections.

Ministers will also look at developments in Kosovo and their implications for NATO’s longer-term engagement in the Western Balkans. At the same time, they will consider the growing challenge of piracy and NATO’s contribution to the international effort to fight this challenge.

The NATO-Georgia Commission will then hold its first ever meeting in Foreign Ministers format, with Invitees. This will provide an opportunity to exchange views with the Georgian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Tkeshelashvili, about the evolving security situation in the region, and about Georgia’s progress related to its membership’s aspirations.

A meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission with Invitees, all at the level of Foreign Ministers, will be held afterwards to review with Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Mr. Ogryzko, the progress made in the framework of decisions taken at the Bucharest Summit.

Note for the media: opening remarks and press points will be broadcasted live on the NATO website and closed-circuit television.

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