“Naked Lies” The Truth About Palin’s “Bridge to Nowhere”

CHICAGO,IL (RUSHPRNEWS)09/09/2008–The McCain campaign has finally admitted that this election is about change.Their new ad uses what news organizations are calling “naked lies” to reinvent two politicians whose records embody the same culture of corruption and far-right policies we’ve seen from the Bush administration.

The biggest whopper in the ad (that’s still being repeated day after day by McCain and Palin on the campaign trail) is that Governor Palin stopped the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere” — in fact, she supported it, and even hired a lobbyist in Washington to get more pork-barrel projects like it.

If the McCain-Palin campaign wants to have a debate about who is prepared to bring the change we need, we’re more than ready.

So we just launched a new ad to set the record straight on McCain and Palin. Watch our response ad and make a donation of $5 or more to help us keep it on the air.

Here are the facts:

Sarah Palin was a vocal supporter of the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere” — the symbol of the Republican culture of corruption — turning her back on it only after the project’s bloated pork-barrel waste was exposed. Their ad also claims John McCain has “reformed” Washington — which would undoubtedly come as a surprise to the Washington lobbyists who are running his campaign and the special interests who have been funding it.

The most “maverick” thing about these two politicians right now is that they continue to support George Bush’s disastrous policies long after we have all seen the damage they are doing to our country. Barack Obama and Joe Biden are ready to bring the change we need to Washington. They’re on the campaign trail every day talking about it — just today, Barack laid out his plans to transform education.

But we can’t let these ridiculous claims from the McCain campaign stand.

Watch the ad and make a $5 donation now to help us set the record straight:


Thanks for everything you’re doing.
David Plouffe
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

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