Monaco Charity Film Festival : 14 – 19 MAY 2007

MONACO FILM FESTIVALMonaco Charity Film Festival : 14 – 19 MAY 2007

MONACO (rushprnews) May 12, 2007 -The Monaco Charity Film Festival is a yearly charity event organized by the Pentium Fund Foundation. The focus of the festival is to raise money to help young impoverished and abandoned children with their education, medical needs and housing.

The Monaco Charity Film Festival is also organized to help new and emerging film makers by giving them a venue to show their films. Emerging Film makers will benefit greatly through our film workshops – on how to direct films, how to finance films and on how to distribute films. Our Festival will open the doors to emerging talent in getting their new career and their dreams to come true.

MONACO FILM FESTIVAL AWARDThis year, the Monaco Charity Film Festival will for the first time invite several heads of state and first ladies from Burundi, Bahrain, Philippines and the USA to gather together in Monaco to discuss the problems of poverty, peace and economic growth.

Our Monaco Charity Event will soon become the leading venue in Europe for an economic forum and a global growth initiative to find solutions to reduce world hunger and poverty.

1st DAY: MAY 14th Monday 1. Feature: RESCUE DAWN, Directed by Werner Herzog (USA) – Produced by Elie Samaha & Nick Raslan – World Premiere2. Feature: BOSTA, Directed by Philippe Aractingi (Lebanon)
Short: TEL AVIV, Directed by Richard Goldgewitch (USA)3. OPENING GALA MOVIE: EAST OF HAVANA with Charlize Theron

2nd DAY: May 15th Tuesday

1. Feature: C.R.A.Z.Y Directed by Jean-Marc Vallee (Canada)
Short: UN REGARD, Director Alexis Mallet (France)

2. Feature: SEAGULL, Directed by Louis Nader (USA)
*** Main Cast & Director and Producer will attend
Short: HELLO LUCY, Directed by Demian Sabini (USA)

3. Feature: AALEESSI, Directed by Rahmatou Keita (Niger)
Short: LOOKING FOR MY DAUGHTER, Directed by Chris Kriesa (USA)
*** Director will attend

3rd DAY: May 16th Wednesday

1. Feature: MY BEAUTIFUL JINJIIMA, Directed by Ochir Mashbat (Mongolia)
Short: MY FATHER’S EYES (Lebanon) Directed by Ranwa Obeid (Lebanon)

2. Feature: ORANGES, Directed by Joseph Merhi (USA) World Premiere*** Joseph Merhi will attend
Short: SISTER, Directed by Doug Campbell (Japan)

3. Feature: BAD DAY, Directed by Ian David Diaz (GB)
*** Director IDD, Producer Gena Helen Ashwell, Actor George Calil will attend
Short: THE EXCHANGE, Directed by Emilio Lavizi (USA)

4th DAY: May 17th Thursday

1. 5 SHORTS FROM ALBA (Academie Libanaise Des Beaux Arts):
LOVELOCK, Rayane Smayra, 2006
PINK NIGHTMARE (Animation), Rayane Smayra, 2006
A SHEHARAZADE TALE, Rami Kodeh, 2006
BOYS DON’T LOVE COWS, Lilit Ardroumian, 2006
THE LAST SONG, Ali Zaraket, 2006

2. Feature: THE KITE Directed by Randa Chahal Sabbag (France)
Short: ARKADIA Directed by Gregory Doazan (France)

3. Feature: IMELDA, Directed by Ramona Diaz (Philippines)
Short: EMPTY, Directed by Ryan Shook (USA)
5th DAY: MAY 18th Friday

1. Medium Short: THE RIDDLE OF THE EXODUS, Directed by Jim Long (USA)
Medium Short: TREASURES OF THE COPPER SCROLL, Directed by J. Long
*** Jim Long will attend with Producer Dan Davies

2. Feature: MY NAME IS ALAN, Directed by Johnny Boston (USA)
Short: FRENCHIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD, Directed by Arnaud Collery (USA)
The GIFT, starring Vince Vaughn and Elana Krausz
World Premiere
Produced and Directed by Elana Krausz

3. Feature: Documentary – Pablo Escobar ANGEL OR DEMON Produced by Sierralta Entertainment

4. Feature: ROSARIO TIJERAS, Directed by Emilio Maille (Colombia)
Short: BERLIN BEIRUT, Directed by Myrna Maakaron (Germany)

6th DAY: MAY 19th Saturday

1. Feature: TOM’S NU HEAVEN, Directed by Dale Laurner (USA)
Short: RED FRONT, Directed by Alan Godchaux (USA)

Short: WAR CRY Directed by Aaron Weisblatt (USA)

3. CLOSING GALA FILM: 26 YEARS DIARY (Japan) Directed by Hanado Junji Produced by Hye-young Choi (World Premiere)
*****Japanese Delegation attending

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