Michael Jackson Fans Get Chance to Play with MXP4 Interactive Singles of ‘ABC,’ ‘I Want You Back,’ ‘Ben’ and ‘I’ll Be There’

PARIS (RPRN) 7/29/2009–MXP4 and UMe announce the launch of three interactive singles of the world famous Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 classic tracks “I Want You Back,” “ABC,” “Ben” and “I’ll be There” using MXP4’s interactive single widget. Fans can go online at www.Classic.Motown.com and http://mxp4.com/play-with-it/michaeljackson/ to create and enjoy their own personal tributes to the ‘King of Pop,’ playing with tracks from the recently launched Michael Jackson: The Stripped Mixes album. Additional tracks from the album will be made available within weeks.

Why just play your music when you can play with it? MXP4 reinvents the ‘single’ experience by allowing Michael Jackson fans to interact with their idol’s songs. They will be able to play with Michael Jackson’s music using the following MXP4 modules:

  • MIX IT: Take out specific instruments to play along or listen to different versions of the same song
  • SING IT: Sing their own version of “ABC,” “Ben” and “I Want You Back” : by (re)discovering and muting the lyrics.
  • REMIX IT: Discover and play with different remixes of “ABC,” “I Want You Back,” “Ben,” and “I’ll Be There” in order to create their own unique version of each song.

Shelly Berger, manager for Jackson 5 during 1968-70, says: “Michael Jackson was the greatest entertainer of all time.” Since 1996, Berger has also been manager for the Temptations and The Supremes.

Albin Serviant, CEO of MXP4, says: “It’s great to see UMe taking this innovative approach to allow fans to pay homage to their hero by playing with their favourite Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 songs and rediscovering them in new ways. For MXP4, the opportunity to develop interactive singles of world renowned tracks using original Motown session material again demonstrates growing acceptance of the interactive music experience.”


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About MXP4

MXP4 develops interactive music solutions that are changing the music experience for consumers by allowing them to play with the music. MXP4 delivers an interactive digital music experience which enables the music industry to explore new revenue opportunities and engage more closely with consumers.




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