McConaughey Dad Died During Sex

Matthew McConaughey By Mack Rawden:

LOS ANGELES,(RUSHPRNEWS)08/30/2008–Here’s a horoscope for everyone. Aquarius: you’re gonna die. Capricorn: you’re gonna die. Gemini: you’re gonna die twice. Leo: you’re gonna die. Scorpio: you’re gonna die fucking.

Alright alright. Always a ragtag family of outrageous, larger-than-life characters, Matthew McConaughey’s mother, Kay, has admitted Matt’s daddy died while inside her. Yes, you read that correctly. He passed away while having sex. You just can’t top that.

According to US Magazine, these scandalous revelations and more were revealed in Kay’s new book I Amaze Myself. No word on how Matthew feels about this juicy detail or his mother’s claim that he was an accident, but I’ve got a feeling he’ll take everything in stride.

Here’s to hoping a few of us have the same good luck.


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