Matt Damon Says You’ve got the Wrond Idea about “Ocean’s 13” Guys

MATT DAMON Hollywood Today‘Bourne’ Star Damon Looks Back: ‘Ocean’s 13′ Was No Boy’s Club
Matt Damon says the media’s perception of the cast of “Ocean’s 13” is wrong
By Carmen Wong for Hollywood Today

HOLLYWOOD, CA (RUSHPRNEWS) August 8, 2007 – “Bourne Ultimatum” star Matt Damon told Hollywood Today in a candid interview that the cast of “Ocean’s 13” is not a boy’s club in reality because he has a different relationship with each person.
“I have a different relationship with each of those guys. I think for us it feels less like a boys club. We are all friends and we see each other in quiet times and away from all the insanity. We all care about each other but I have a much different relationship with Don then I have with Brad or George and I think there’s a perception of what things are and it’s never quite like that,” said Damon. ““An outside perception of that friendship will never capture what that friendship really is.”
He explains that when he goes out with Don Cheadle, they have a very normal night. “For example if Don and I are hanging out, we go out to dinner and there won’t be any photographers or anything. It’s a very normal kind of thing,” said Damon.
As for time with George Clooney, Damon explains that it is important to stay on Clooney’s list of friends. “As a friend of George you really need to stay on the list that’s the big goal because that’s an incredible life that he shares with his friends,” said Damon. “He has this beautiful place in Italy where he brings all of his friends. He is an amazingly generous person.”
Damon explains that he does not see his buddies enough because he does not live in Los Angeles with everyone else.
During the time “Bourne Identity” was is post-production, Damon spent six months with no movie offers because “Bagger Vance” and “All the Pretty Horses” were both flops the box office. “It was one of those ridiculous Hollywood things where I went from no offers in a six month period,” said Damon. “That was when my phone completely stopped ringing because I had done ‘Bagger Vance’ and ‘All the Pretty Horses’ and they both tanked. So this was my third strike and the word on the street was that was a total turkey so no one was putting me in anything. So that when I went to London, I did a play in the West end.”
However, he thought that this was a very good experience for him and it helped him understand how the entertainment industry worked. “It was a good experience for me because the rose colored lenses came off. It was the end of the ‘Good Will Hunting ‘— everything is great type of thing, I went oh, okay the phone will absolutely stop ringing even if they think I’m a nice guy its just that’s what their job is. There is no emotion attached to it that’s the business,” said Damon.
Damon chose to be a part of “Syriana,” “The Departed” and “The Good Shepherd” because he thought the scripts were very cerebral – not because he thought they were going to be box office hits. “’Syriana’ was this cerebral, dense script that I loved and thought was very interesting. It didn’t look like many people was going to go see it. It was a very challenging movie. ‘The Departed,’ Marty’s movie, they classically don’t make a lot of money,” said Damon. “They are not hundred million dollar movies and to work on that scale with him everyone had to cut their fee but any actor would want to work with him because he’s is who he is. You go into it going this will probably be not a successful movie at the box office. And the ‘Good Shepherd’ was again a long cerebral historic epic about the birth and intelligence of the US and on the face of it not a lot or people will go see it.”
Damon also believes that it takes 10 years for people to really know if a movie made an impact on society or not and awards should not be given out right away. “I think the best way to judge movies is ten years after. I think they should actually do the awards that well. I think they should do the Academy Awards this year for 1997 because there is so much money in the air at the time the movie comes out,” said Damon.


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