Divorce Maddona/Ritchie Style, Film Noir Plot Thickens

Guy Ritchie toying with the idea of a tell-all movie about his relationship with Madonna.

LONDON(RushPRnews)10/29/08-The British director has reportedly panicked his estranged wife – who was left devastated by a recent book by her brother Christopher Ciccone – with the idea, but he is determined to show his side of their rocky marriage.

A source revealed, “Guy has said that most people wouldn’t believe what went on in their marriage and it would make the most incredible dark, twisted sort of movie.

“His idea would be to give it a film noir treatment. It would be fascinating.”

However, friends believe the ‘4 Minutes’ singer will use her own career to hit back in the war of words which has erupted since their split was announced earlier this month.

The source added to Grazia magazine, “All of her songwriting material is incredibly personal. Given how open she is, Madonna is bound to talk about him in interviews too.

“I think Guy just doesn’t want to lie down and hold his hands up to being the bad guy.”

Another friend said: “Madonna is very hurt with everything that has happened and her way of dealing with the pain is by lashing out. She is very upset that the marriage is over – and so is Guy.”

Meanwhile, it has been claimed Guy has turned down a £20 million divorce settlement as he is unwilling to bend to Madonna’s demands that the three children they raise together be schooled in New York.

Madonna is said to be desperate for sons David and Rocco to live with her and her 12-year-old daughter Lourdes, but Guy is adamant the children should be educated in England.

Madonna’s biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli said, “There was a great deal of haggling about this matter last week, with Madonna upping the amount of Guy’s settlement to more than £20 million in hopes that he would acquiesce.”

He also claimed the pair are now “not even speaking to each other. They communicate only through lawyers”.

Source ChinaDaily,Grazia magazine

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