m62 Calls For More Creativity in PowerPoint Presentations

LONDON (RPRN) 7/06/2009–m62 visualcommunications, the global leader in presentation effectiveness, is today calling for an increase in creativity and the use of images and animation when creating a sales or marketing presentation.

The majority of presentations delivered in the UK incorporate a mass of bullet points and very few visuals to stimulate the audience and help them engage with the presenter and the information being delivered to them.

The use of interesting and relevant visuals coupled with effective PowerPoint training will create a presentation that is not only engaging and memorable but effective – achieving the company’s objectives and boosting all-important conversion rates.

Nicholas Oulton, Founder of m62 visualcommunications commented: “Bullet points just don’t work. If a marketing or sales presentation can be read and understood without the presenter being in the room then it’s not really a presentation. Simply reading slide after slide of bullet points is boring for the audience and negates the need for a presenter, meaning that presentations aren’t effective and the audience absorbs very little information.

“Far better to use a combination of images, infographs and animations when it comes to a presentation which will ensure key messages are absorbed by the audience and help it feel engaged and interested rather than bored. By incorporating these elements the success rates of presentations can be dramatically improved.”

To date, m62 has delivered over 6,500 presentations for clients including Microsoft, Toyota, Siemens, Sony and BP. m62 works across a variety of B2B sectors globally, from finance and IT to media, construction and medical.

To find out more about m62 visual communications, call 0870 602 6262 or visit m62.net.

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