Lynch says meditate, Carpenter says violence leads to horror movie

Meditate to End Violence Proposes David Lynch

Lynch says meditate, Carpenter says violence leads to horror movies
By Anne Howard and Jeffrey Jolson for Hollywood Today
HOLLYWOOD, CA (rushprnews) May 2nd, 2007 – Two of the biggest genre directors are speaking out about school violence in the wake of the Virginia Tech tragedy. David Lynch is announcing a plan to end school violence through meditation while John Carpenter says violence breeds horror films, not vice versa.

Read more at’s big plan to curtail school violence is mass meditation and his David Lynch Foundation has put up $5 million to bring om sweet om to campuses everywhere. The director (“Blue Velvet,” “Mulholland Drive”) will announce a campaign Tuesday to teach one million students worldwide to use Transcendental Meditation “to transform schools from breeding grounds of stress and violence into centers of creativity and peace.”

Lynch will be joined by quantum physicist and author John Hagelin (“What the Bleep do We Know?”) and singer/songwriter Donovan Leitch (“Mellow Yellow”) in an internet press conference. The trio will also discuss the anti-violence plan in detail during a national student weekend entitled “Exploring the Frontiers of Brain, Consciousness, and Creativity” at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, over Memorial Day Weekend, from May 25 to 27.

Carpenter (“Halloween,” “Escape from L.A.”) told a violence panel at the Tribeca Film Festival that government control of films is not needed.”Real life causes this, fake life does not cause it,” he said. “The reason for a lot of these movies is the culture that we live in, the events that have gone on in our world.”

“Censorship never works, you cannot destroy an idea. You can hide, you can try to cover it up, but you can’t destroy it, it will be there and it will bubble up again,” Carpenter said.

The Tribeca panel reacted to an FCC report released this week which said exposure to violence in the media can increase aggressive behavior in children, at least for a short while. Lionsgate executive and “Saw” producer Peter Block added “I worry so much more about my kids wandering into the room when the news is being blurbed on television. It’s never happy shiny people stories, it’s the war or murder or something that happened and I can’t protect them from that and they know that’s reality.”

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