Ludacris To Drop “Gangsta Grillz” Mixtape With DJ Drama, Reveals Album Details

LOS ANGELES (RUSHPRNEWS) – July 15, 2008 -LudacrisLudacris is currently gearing up for his new album but before the release, the DTP leader will drop a “Gangsta Grillz” mixtape with DJ Drama.  MTV News talked to both about the upcoming project. After a hiatus, Luda still feels that he is on top of his game.  “I feel there is no rap style I cannot do,” ‘Luda said in Atlanta, standing next to DJ Drama during a round of pool. “Unlimited amounts of ways I can come on the microphone. I feel like I’m the best doing the damn thing.

Cris and Drama are putting the finishing touches on the new mixtape “The Preview”.

“Album number six is on the way. It’s called Theater of the Mind,” Luda said. “So with that said, we got the mixtape, The Preview – the preview to the damn movie. It’s all about lyrical exercise. I been gone, opening up a restaurant [in Atlanta], doing a couple of movies here and there, just a little bit of everything. It’s time to get back in the music game. It’s been a long time, but we back on that ass.”

“You gonna get a mixture of freestyles, new songs, snippets from Theater of the Mind, [past] songs where samples couldn’t clear and make the album, but they still crazy-ass records. And me and Barack O’Drama talking a gang of sh*t. It’s as simple as that,” Luda added.

“The first-ever Luda/ DJ Drama Gangsta Grillz!” Drama jumped in. “This sh*t is history. It’s the preview, the coming attractions. Get your popcorn. This time, [the production of the tape] worked out through the conversation. Luda already had the concept of the tape, it being the preview … for the Theater of the Mind. When I heard [the word] ‘preview,’ my mind started immediately racing of how we should put it together. I said, ‘Every beat, everything you get on has to be a movie.’ On the microphone, he’s already a monster, so it’s kind of an easy thing. I like to give everything a beginning, middle and end. With a concept like The Preview, [‘Cris] kinda made it too easy.”

In the end Ludacris revealed some album details.

“Just as the name implies, the album is theatrical,” he revealed. “Conceptual-wise, every song you hear plays out like a scene from the movie. Whether it’s storytelling, me giving you the real of what’s going on in the world, you gotta look at it as your imagination is gonna run wild every song you hear.”


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