Ludacris Leaving Rapping For Acting

LUDACRISBy Tanya S. Reams

LOS ANGELES (RUSHPRNEWS) 09/08/2008--Rapper Ludacris is joining other major players in the rap game in rap retirement stating that his sixth album “Theater Of The Mind,” scheduled to release later this year, will be his final album to pursue a career in acting full time.

Even though Ludacris is currently the rapper with the most Top 40, Top 25, and Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 Hits of all time, five albums, and three Grammy wins he tells The Los Angles Times, “I can see a point where acting is my full-time job, really.”

Ludacris is not washing his hands of the whole game completely. He will forgo stage shows and tours but stay in the studio as a producer.

“I will always be involved in music, but it may be more behind the scenes, as a producer, I will always do that. But when I look at 10 years from now, I don’t think rapping is necessarily what I want to do when I’m in my 40s.”

Ludacris first revealed his personality to local media as the radio DJ Chris Lova Lova at Hot 97.5 (which later became Hot 107.9), an urban radio station in Atlanta, Georgia. He then received his recording career after linking up with Timbaland in the booth back in 1998. In November 2000, Ludacris released his major label debut “Back For The First Time” which peaked at #4 on the Billboard charts.


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