Fitness Industry Insiders Weigh In: Health Clubs and Fitness Centers Report New Business Lows; Consumer Say Personal Spending is Down but Health Remains a Top Concern

NEW YORK (rushprnews) May 14, 2008 – America’s spenders are conserving cash. Average American’s are spending less on “non-essential” products and services. Consumer’s say they just have a tighter budget these days. When asked why, consumers report shrinking expendable income as the reason. Among the top consumer financial concerns – fuel prices, increased property taxes, and increased health care costs. The last mentioned findings, related to rising health care costs, are essential to the ongoing efforts exhibited on the simplefit.net website. According to simplefit.net founder Derek Curtice, “It is in the battle of better health, fitness, and physical awareness that we find ourselves answering the healthier lifestyle alternative in higher health care costs.”

“The trend in the fitness industry has been to build a bigger mousetrap”, says Mr. Curtice, “Our mission is to share information on building a better one”. The story seems to be that consumers are spending less and losing more. While gas prices and other costs of living continue to hit all time American highs it is the focus of the simplefit.net website to offer both private and professional solutions in better fitness awareness, management consulting, and service provision with specific focus on “ quality of service over price alone”. As one health club member noted, “In June of 2007, I paid $2.80 for gasoline – today I filled up by tank paying $3.59 a gallon. I’m watching my pennies and I want my money’s worth”. Mr. Curtice maintains that consumer and commercial fitness interests alike benefit from continuous campaigns exploring customer perception of value and service.

Consumer spending may be down, it may be the primary task of the professional fitness industry organizations to create new, attractive, and viable fitness solutions to the general market’s fitness needs with a price tag we all can afford. “Many of these solutions come in the form of applied technology”, says Mr. Curtice. Mr. Curtice consults with fitness industry business owners and managers to explore customer and member needs. Mr. Curtice, along with his network of fitness consultants and certified personal trainers help consumers and small fitness industry business owners alike grasp the benefits of “forward thinking” services. Beginning with consumers, of all fitness levels, the simplefit.net team of personal trainers proactively coach better active lifestyles with their personal clients. This is achieved through one-on-one personal fitness training whereby clients have the option and opportunity of specific exercise coaching with highly educated and trained fitness professionals in their home, office, or local private, well equipped, personal training studios. In addition to consumer efforts, Mr. Curtice heads a network of professional fitness industry consultants whom service the commercial interests of businesses in the fitness industry. Their main initiative is to service their clients by identifying problems related to business development and member retention. Mr. Curtice employs experience driven practices including network marketing, strategic planning, and management consulting to sharpen fitness industry business models. With the addition of technology based tools and software programs Mr. Curtice is able to show health and fitness businesses how to attract vertical market traffic and support with added value and revenue generation directives.

Simplefit.net fitness industry consultants are responsible for identifying existing problems related to fitness member retention and business development. Mr. Curtice offers decades of collective fitness niche market business experience, relationships, technology and tools to offer solutions. Simplefit.net was founded in March of 2004 with the primary mission of exploring fitness needs in consumers and servicing those needs by partnering with fitness industry businesses in effort to share tools, technology, and services from a consumer prospective. The simplefit.net fitness consultants website offers a range of web based tools, information, research content, and advice for consumers and professional organizations alike to utilize in their efforts to conquer preventable illness, disorder, and conditions associated with poor fitness.


If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule a consultative interview with Derek Curtice, please call 901 644-4570 or e-mail Derek at derek@simplefit.net .


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