LOLA 2007- A Note from Paul Walde Curator of Public Programs, Museum London

Michele Gay -COMPILERLOLA 2007 – A Note from Paul Walde, Curator of Public Programs, Museum London

LONDON, ON (RUSHPRNEWS) September 27, 2007 – On September 20 LOLA launched six major live or generative public art projects in the heart of London’s downtown core.  The city was transformed into a giant art gallery as thousands of Londoners experienced unique works of art beamed onto the surface of buildings and store fronts in large scale projections. 

The familiar became unfamiliar as the downtown was transformed by ever changing images and sounds.  Highlights of the exhibition included Toronto artist Michelle Gay’s Compiler which featured three magical generative projections of characters catching an endless progression of hand painted tree limbs installed in the openings of a brick wall in a partially demolished building.  Equally powerful and evocative was London artist, Kevin Curtis-Norcross’s Blow a mobile projection work in which giant flies were projected onto various London landmark buildings. 

Curtis-Norcross’s work was only announced by the highly amplified drone of the buzzing of flies taking many viewers by surprise.  Other work in the festival included legendary artist and musician, Brian Eno’s Canadian premiere of 77 Million Paintings, Talking Walls by Sigi Torinus, Jose Seoane and blackhole-factory, Two live performance works by London group “6” and Instant Places by Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse. 

LOLA brought together the work of artists from five countries. I am very happy with the way in which all the work held together as a show.  Because it was live it was very difficult to predict how the artworks would stand together as a group.  I had to trust in the expertise of the artists and as a curator, take some risks, which I believe paid off in the resulting exhibition. This was a great opportunity for Museum London to work outside of our walls and take contemporary art into the community directly. We’re thrilled with the response from our community partners, the press- local, national and international, and members of the public.  And I thank you all from your great support.

See you next year,

Paul Walde

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