50 CentG-Unit Members Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo Exclusively Talked To Yo! Raps About Their New Album “Terminate On Sight” And The Young Buck Situation

New York, NY (RUSHPRNEWS) 06/19/2006 – Preparing for the new album “Terminate On Sight,” G-Unit is now ready to take it back the streets heavy on this album. Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks gets with Yo! Raps (www.yoraps.com) with much to say. As you already know a while back Young Buck made some statements in a past interview with Yo! Raps in regards to not receiving royalties. Now Banks and Yayo let it all be known what was really the situation and tell their side of what’s going on.

When Yo! Raps asked Yayo about Young Buck being kicked out of G-Unit, the rapper said, “Me truthfully I’m happy, not happy that he’s gone. I just don’t like having confusion around with me. Either you down with the team and if not one man can’t stop the show – we gotta do what we gotta do. It’s mad confusion with this guy, one day he’s on the cover of XXL with us and that’s good exposure.”

“You gotta look at the benefits and the stuff 50 does help us do. 50 was really, really helping Buck and if he doesn’t see that then I just don’t understand. It’s cool man we gotta move on one man don’t stop the show we gotta do what we gotta do and make this money,” Yayo continued.

Yo! Raps (www.yoraps.com) was the first source that broke the story of Young Buck not receiving any royalty checks from 50 Cent and G-Unit.

“You have to sell a lot of records for the labels to really give you royalties like that, you understand what I’m saying. Buck went platinum real, real slow so I don’t understand what he’s talking about with royalties.”

The G-Unit member went on to talk about loyalty. “I remember Buck when he used to be on the bus with UTP and he wasn’t who he is now. I just don’t understand where’s the loyalty at. That’s how I was raised I’m loyal to my friends. To me loyalty is everything, because you gotta be able to trust man. It gotta be some kind of trust and the loyalty is not there with Buck. He’s doing songs with Game, I can’t do songs with a guy that called me a “Fagot” and told me to suck his dick, I’m just a real nigga like that. To me a lot of rappers this is WWF, niggas see each other they say I’ll kill ya mother and all that, but when they see each other nothing pop. It’s like these dudes is corny, because it’s no way Game can tell me to suck his dick and fuck my mother, and all this shit about 50 and Banks. Then the next thing you know I’m on the radio talking about I want to reach out to him? That’s bullshit! I’m just a real nigga and Buck is not real for that man.”

For Banks and Yayo the code of respect was broken. “It ain’t about what somebody else is going to feel about somebody disrespecting you. It’s about what you feel about it. You as a man should feel disrespected all the time. I don’t care if I’m ever friends, I didn’t know Game, I didn’t know none of these rappers before I was actually into this shit. Outside of that it really doesn’t matter I have my own family, I got shit I gotta take care of. All that is really some petty bitch shit and I don’t care if I ever shake Game’s hand or anything else.”

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