Lindsay Lohan Criticized for Alleged Racist Remark

By Isobel Scott and Matthew B. Zeidman

NEW YORK, NY (RushPRnews) 14/11/08 – This week, nearly two months after admitting to a relationship with close friend Samantha Ronson, actress Lindsay Lohan opened up to Harper’s Bazaar about her sexual preferences and shocked Access Hollywood viewers by allegedly referring to President-Elect Sen. Barack Obama as “colored.”Lohan, 22, first made headlines this month when Harper’s Bazaar asked the ex-Disney poster child in its latest issue if she considered herself a lesbian, to which she immediately replied, “No.” When asked if she were bisexual, she answered, “Maybe. Yeah.”

She also told the publication she wasn’t sure if the 31-year-old Ronson, an English DJ, had ever been with a woman before and that she (Lohan) wanted to one day marry, but wasn’t sure if it would be to a man or woman.

This Tuesday, before discussion of the candid sit-down had even finished making the media rounds, TV’s Access Hollywood released footage of an interview with the “Mean Girls” star in which she allegedly called Obama by the offensive term.

“It was really exciting,” Lohan told interviewer Maria Menounos. “It’s an amazing feeling. It’s our first, you know, colored president. I am so thrilled to be a part of the country while that’s going on and that actually came into fruition.”

While Lohan appeared to pronounce the word in question clearly during the interview, Access Hollywood released a statement insisting that that part of her statement was unintelligible. Both she and Ronson had endorsed Obama during his campaign.

The term “colored,” in reference to those of African descent, first came into use in the United States during colonial times. In recent decades, it has taken on derogatory and racist connotations.

Source: Hollywood Today

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