Lil Wayne Calling Out Eminem For Carter IV

Lil WayneBy Tanya S. Reams

LOS ANGELES (RUSHPRNEWS)09/08/2008--Just as Lil Wayne stated in his remix to the clausal freestyle “A Milli,” he is working on “Tha Carter IV” and he wants rapper Eminem to spit a verse or two on the upcoming album. In an exclusive interview with BBC’s DJ Semtex, Lil Wayne reflects on his success with “Tha Carter III,” beating Jay-Z to the rights of the “Mr. Carter” beat and the MCs he wants to flow on his eagerly anticipated “Tha Carter IV.”

Wayne has his eye on two MCs: underground sensation Jay Electronica and dormant superstar Eminem. Wayne had reached out to Eminem before “Tha Carter III” dropped in hopes of a super collaboration, but received no response from Slim Shady’s management.

“Jay [Electronica] is crazy,” Wayne stated. “He probably don’t even know that I know his sh*t, but that boy, he’s cold.”

As for Eminem, “I’m aight with the raps, it’s ok to get on a song. I’m calling you out,” Wayne quipped. “Come on out. I’m not calling you out to diss me because I can’t f*ck with you. But come do a song. Please…with three e’s.”

Confirming his work on a new album entitled “Tha Carter IV,” Wayne promises that he’ll continue to improve as an artist.

“Carter IV? It’s gonna be crazy because you know, I’m only getting better. Even though I’m getting older I’m only getting better,” he reasoned. “I’m in my prime right now and my light is shining very. Very bright right now and I know that. So I’m gonna take advantage of that. And I promise you, I will never fail you.

“Tha Carter III” is available in stores now.


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