Leading Expert Explains How to Predict Technology

Leading Expert Explains How to Predict Technology 
“Predicting Technology” by Leading expert Thomas E. Vass slated for release

New York, NY (rushprnews)July 10, 2007  Leading expert Thomas E. Vass maintains that as technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, being able to keep up isn’t enough. 

According to Vass, a regional economist based in North Carolina, “One of the biggest sources of current economic and financial anxiety is the churn and disruption caused by rapid changes in technology and global markets.  This uncertainty makes planning for the future difficult. Effectively identifying new market opportunities and preparing for the future demands looking ahead and understanding how to predict technology.”

To provide a guide for entrepreneurs, scientists, business owners, engineers and product developers, Vass has authored Predicting Technology:  Identifying Future Market Opportunities and Disruptive Technologies. Predicting Technology (Great American Business and Economics Press, ISBN: 978-0-9794388-0-6, $24.95) explains the difference in the two primary types of technological innovation – innovation that causes new future markets to be created, thus disrupting existing markets, and innovation that acts to sustain existing markets and perpetuate existing distribution of incomes and political power. 
Centered on Vass’s theory that technological innovation creates new markets, while new markets generate new income flows which benefit others who start new ventures, Predicting Technology unveils SERET, the Structural Evolutionary Regional Economic Theory. Predicting Technology also addresses such topics as:  the keys to identifying new markets, the impact of technology on jobs and incomes, and how to take advantage of rapid technological change. 

Moreover, Predicting Technology explains how non-economists can predict the direction of technological innovation, and provides useful practical guidance to elected local leaders who want to stimulate regional economic growth in their communities.

Imminently readable and meticulously researched and documented, Predicting Technology provides a practical business application process whereby product developers and potential entrepreneurs can assess the market prospects of the innovative products they are developing, both for the current generation of the product, as well as future technological iterations of the product.   

One of the country’s preeminent experts on the impact of technological innovation, Thomas E. Vass is a regional economist and investment advisor. He lives inRaleigh, North Carolina.  Predicting Technology will be available in better bookstores nationwide and through online retailers in October 2007. 

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