Laurel Dewey’s Debut Novel Heralds a New Genre in Crime Thriller Fiction

The ProtectorLaurel Dewey’s Debut Novel Heralds a New Genre in Crime Thriller Fiction 

SHEFFIELD, MASS.(rushprnews) May 7, 2007 — Protector, the debut novel from acclaimed writer Laurel Dewey, heralds a new genre in crime thriller fiction.  A gripping, sixth-sense crime thriller, Protector seamlessly fuses traditional crime drama with a mesmerizing metaphysical thread. What results is an original, hard-hitting, powerful and emotional novel. 

Protector (ATN Publishing, ISBN: 978-1884820-85-4, $19.95) is the gritty, often dark story of
Denver homicide detective Jane Perry, a woman haunted by both a violent childhood and paranormal current events.  

Detective Jane Perry, a hard-drinking, street savvy investigator, possesses an almost psychic instinct for solving the most jarring homicides. But now, that intuitive insight has taken on an eerie twist. Ever since the murder of a family Jane and her partner were protecting, she has been plagued with disconnected images that predict events yet to happen.  

One of Jane’s disturbing visions leads to nine-year-old Emily Lawrence, a child thought to have witnessed the brutal stabbing death of her parents but unable to remember anything about that horrific moment. The two characters fatefully come together, unaware that they share a mystical connection.  

A stunning debut, Protector effortlessly intertwines the deep personal tragedy of the main character into the broader murder mystery.  Laurel Dewey has created a vivid, memorable and compelling cast of characters destined to stay with readers long after the final page is turned.  

Lou Aronica of The Fiction Studio hails Protector as “a first rate suspense novel. Laurel Dewey is a fresh, exciting voice with a new perspective on the genre and a three-dimensional heroine who is flawed, infuriating, and utterly affecting. Protector is one of the most exciting and moving novels I’ve read in years.” 

Born and raised in
Los Angeles, California, Laurel Dewey’s varied writing credits include radio mystery theatre, celebrity journalism, investigative reporting and alternative health research. She is the author of two non-fiction books and a western novella that was nominated for a Silver Spur Award. Laurel Dewey lives in rural
Colorado with her husband and two orange cats. View the dramatic book trailer at


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