The clock is ticking and the end of the trial is near. So Today we have posted the following on our web site.   By Edward Lozzi & Associates PR.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA (RUSHPRNEWS) August 9, 2007 – Lana Clarkson was not in any mood for suicide because she was preparing to launch a live comedy tour based on her characters from the video” Lana Unleashed”. The video was shown in court last week. How do we know this? Lana herself contacted our office to discuss directly with Edward Lozzi, her former publicist and long time friend, the publicity campaign to launch Lana Unleashed. Arianna Huffington’s Huffington Post, quoted this information recently from an article about Lana Clarkson and Edward Lozzi.

EDWARD LOZZI” …in fact she was developing a motion picture and a comedy road series when she was murdered. She had called me during her last Christmas holidays in this life to talk about the possibility of ( us) providing publicity for her amazing one-woman comedy show, Lana Unleashed….” Edward Lozzi

Both the prosecution and defense regard Edward Lozzi as a hostile witness due to his outspoken four years of guest appearances on CNN, MSNBC, INSIDE EDITION and Court TV in defense of Clarkson and his controversial statement that Lana was an expert in firearms due to her training as an action/adventure star at the Beverly Hills Gun Club. Lozzi is also at odds with the lawyers who represent Lana’s mother and sister for their Wrongfull Death civil suit.

PHIL SPECTOR” These two mute lawyers have muzzled the two people who should be speaking the most about their beloved daughter and sister. Their silence over these past four years and their contempt for the media has sent the wrong message to the jury and the public during this criminal murder trial.” Edward Lozzi

Last month Judge Larry Fidler ruled that a defense witness could not testify at the trial or even mention Lana Clarkson’s name or refer to the trial outside of his courtroom. Fidler justified his decision by stating that even though the jury was ordered not to watch or listen to the news, there was a chance that outside courtroom news reports of this trial could filter down to those jury members that are following the media. That is precisely what this posting will attempt to do. We hope this information gets to the jury.

Edward Lozzi, former publicist and long time friend of Lana Clarkson

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