Knight Director May Shoot Next Film In IMAX

Christopher NolanNolan Contemplating Shooting Follow-up to The Dark Knight Using IMAX Cameras

LOS ANGELES, (RUSHPRNEWS) JULY 22, 2008–Director Christopher Nolan, who shot the action sequences in The Dark Knight using gigantic IMAX cameras, says that he “would be very interested in shooting a whole film in IMAX” since it would allow him to provide a theatrical movie that would “be distinct from the home theater experience.”

BATMAN - THE DARK KNIGHTIn an interview with the Collider website, Nolan said that the principal problem is the noise produced by the IMAX camera’s mechanism, which apparently cannot be adequately contained by the usual soundproof “blimp” used for most studio cameras. “It’s very, very hard to see how you do dialogue scenes,” he said.

“And the lenses are so wide, you’re shooting this conversation, the cameras go 18 inches from your nose, basically, and it sounds like one of those small portable generators — that’s about the level of volume of it. So to just speak over that and to act as if that’s not there is very tough.”



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