Kentucky Fried Cruelty: The Movie- Coming to A Theatre Close to You

Moviegoers to See Ads That Show an Evil Colonel Who Scalds ‘Chicken’ Prisoners to Death and Injects Them With Drugs

Denver,CO(RUSHPRNEWS)10/03/2008— Just in time for Saw V and the slew of other horror movies that come with Halloween, PETA’s sinister anti-KFC ad campaign is coming to a theater near you. The surreal, horror-flick-inspired ads, two of which were rejected for not being conservative enough, feature a stony-faced Colonel Sanders who oversees the abuse of prisoners, which mimics the abuse suffered by chickens raised and killed for KFC restaurants. Beginning today, the spot “Crack House” will hit Denver theaters and be screened before various R-rated movies.

The ads are set in a desolate compound similar to a concentration camp where the inmates–hybrid beings with human bodies and chicken heads and claws–are given drugs, kicked and beaten by “guards,” and electrocuted. “Crack House” represents the factory farms where chickens are given drugs that promote growth and fend off diseases, which are rampant in the filthy, squalid conditions. The ads dramatize the abuses that take place on factory farms and in slaughterhouses that supply KFC. The birds often suffer broken bones when they are thrown into transport cages and slammed into metal shackles on the slaughter line, after which they are plunged into an electrified bath that is supposed to stun them but often leaves them conscious as their throats are cut.

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“Scary Halloween movies have nothing on the horrors faced by the roughly 1 billion chickens raised and killed for KFC every year,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “Once consumers learn that birds bound for KFC are often tortured intentionally, we believe that they’ll want to kick the bucket–not eat out of it.”

New York-based Roald van Wyk and David Ekholm of the Cricket Club designed the ads, and Scott Corbett directed them.

For more information, please visit PETA’s Web site

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