Justin Timberlake To Present His Denim Fashion Line

JUSTIN TIMEBERLAKENEW YORK (RUSHPRNEWS) 09/08/2008–While ex Britney Spears was collecting VMAs in L.A., former Mouseketeer, boy-bander and actor Justin Timberlake was playing fashion designer, debuting his new spring denim line, William Rast, Sunday to a packed house at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. ET’s up close with J.T. as he described the ripped and comfy down-home collection.

Justin tells ET the line is inspired by his Memphis roots with the use of “modern innovation.” On being a part of Fashion Week, Justin likens the honor to being part of the popular crowd in high school.

“There’s the prom, and then there’s the cool-kid party after the prom,” Justin playfully said. “I feel like we got invited to the cool kids’ party.”

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