John Edwards Affair Scandal Continues

The blowback from the John Edwards affair scandal is still brewing.
by Thomas Colbert

WASHINGTON, DC (RUSHPRNEWS) AUGUST 20, 2008–“John Edwards is still lying!” claims a source that has revealed more dirt about John Edwards and his affair with Rielle Hunter. The Enquirer has Edwards by the short hairs and they plan on squeezing until he screams ‘Uncle’.

Although Edwards eventually admitted the affair, it was only after he denied it vociferously many times while he was a Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. Even though he has admitted his affair with Rielle Hunter since, Edwards says he’s not the father of her baby.

A mother of one of Edward’s aides says there’s a simple way to squash some of the controversy.”I wish, very deeply, that both of them, John Edwards and Rielle Hunter, would have the DNA test,” 73 yeard old Jacquelyn Aldridge told the NY Post.

Is the mainstream media refusing to carry the story? A number of mainstream media outlets have written pieces defending their refusal to carry the John Edwards story, mainly on the grounds that it was undiscovered by a ‘tabloid’ newspapers. Critics of the media say their refusal points to a bias that didn’t want to see a liberal political candidate smeared. The MSM has fought back saying it was merely a matter of journalistic ethics.

With the new revelations coming out today, you can expect this story to have even more legs than before. The Enquirer has a whole new batch of charges against the former Senator.

Edwards re-initiated his affair with Rielle Hunter after he told his wife about the affair in 2006. He even slept with her while she was pregnant .

Despite claiming ignorance, Edwards did know that his former finance committee chairman, Fred Baron, was sending money to Hunter.

NEWS SOURCE Times of the Internet

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