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JOHN AMOSLOS ANGELES, Calif. (RUSHPRNEWS) 09/23/2008–TV/film actor John Amos is now gracing the radio airwaves with the premiere of the JOHN AMOS RADIO SHOW on Urban Network Radio-broadcasting daily, Monday through Friday, 9am -10am, Pacific Standard Time on

Mr. Amos is best known as the stern father and husband, James Evans, who starred in the hit series GOOD TIMES. He co-starred as Admiral Percy Fitzwallace on the Emmy-winning WEST WING, and played the adult Kunta Kinte in the acclaimed miniseries, ROOTS.

A native of Newark, New Jersey and veteran of the New Jersey state National Guard, Amos will bring his listeners behind the scenes interaction with his celebrity friends as well as his friends from the world of the military. Amos will engage us with special guests in a one on one reality talk based format.

From Hollywood to Fort Bragg, Amos will explore a variety of topics from current national news and politics, to the raw behind the scenes point of views of celebrities-giving us unique glimpses into the behind the scenes world of Hollywood entertainment.

Recent interviewees include legendary comedy writer and comedian, Paul Mooney, Woody King and Terrie Williams, to name a few. Upcoming interviews include a cast reunion from GOOD TIMES.

“It is a dream to have a talk show of my own and to reach fans internationally with real content that can inspire their lives. This is my vision for the show. I am truly proud to join the Urban Network Radio Family,” says Amos.

Stay tuned to the JOHN AMOS RADIO SHOW on Urban Network Radio.

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