Joe Biden Counts on Americans Living Abroad To Vote For Obama

obama-bidenStatement from Joe Biden –

WASHINGTON,(RUSHPRNEWS)10/06/2008–I’ve traveled around the world, and I’ve seen my share of presidential campaigns. But I have never seen one in which Americans living abroad have had a bigger impact.

Barack and I know we have support from Americans all over the globe — and we appreciate all that Democrats Abroad has been doing to grow this movement for change.

But the time for you to make your voice heard is quickly passing. Voter registration and vote by mail deadlines are approaching.

Some states close their rolls as early as today, October 5th.

Find your state, get registered, and get your absentee ballot today:

Eight disastrous years of George Bush policies have jeopardized our security, tarnished our international reputation, and sunk us into the most profound economic crisis we have seen since the Great Depression. Now, John McCain wants to continue down the same path.

Don’t imagine for a second that your vote doesn’t matter in this election.

Register today and request your absentee ballot, and make sure your voice is heard:

Together, we can make history and bring about the change we need.

Thank you,
Joe Biden


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