Jack Russell Barks about Bark Obama and John McCanine

jack russell terrier
PetStyle Jumps into Presidential Race with Launch of The Wag
A News and Political Commentary by Official Spokesdog Jack Russell

Premier Edition Featuring “Bark” Obama and John “McCanine”

Aventura,Fla.(RushPRnews)10/29/08— Jack Russell, PetStyle’s mischievous terrier, has become the official political spokesdog for the 2008 presidential race with all the news fit to line your litter box. Featured on www.petstyle.com, Jack Russell has plenty to say about Bark Obama and John McCanine.

Jack doesn’t show any favoritism towards either candidate. “I’m a nonpartisan leg lifter,” Jack said about the two major political parties.

Jack points out that ACORN has registered thousands of his friends so Bark Obama and John McCanine better watch out.

“What did come as a surprise to pets everywhere is that we can’t actually vote in this election,” said Jack. “This is especially shocking since ACORN has already registered thousands with the name Rex, Buddy, Fido, Fluffy and Princess.”

“Jack Russell said it’s about time that pets had something to say about what’s going on in the political arena,” said Georgianne Brown, CEO of PetStyle. “Jack Russell will be offering up-to-date news and political commentary from the world of cats and dogs right up to the election on Nov. 4 and beyond.”

Jack has some great advice for everyone – “Keep your paws clean, your hydrants marked and go to PetStyle.com to check out my latest commentary about the presidential race,” he said.

To catch up with Jack’s presidential dognostications just go to www.petstyle.com.
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